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Dance Team Rehearsals in the Gym [20 Oct 2004|10:32pm]

::Chloe walked into the gym wearing black dance pants and a purple tank top. She had a bottle of water in one hand and a cd player in another. She sat down the CD player turning on music and began warming up::

Practice starts now- where the fuck are you girls

::She was nervous about having to be a captain of a team of girls who hated her- but she'd deal with it. Dancing was HER thing and she was fine with just ignoring any problems::
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Rough Draft list of Clubs and Captains for the Fall [21 Sep 2004|05:30pm]

Cheerleading: Julie Cooper and Nina Hilton
Dance: Chloe Taylor
Field Hockey: Nina Hilton
Soccer: Julie Cooper

Basketball: Robby Wahl
Soccer: Robby Wahl

Other Clubs
Debate: Audrey Castle
Drama: Sami Jacobs
Fashion: Audrey Castle
Newspaper: Rochelle Medina
Photography: Rochelle Medina

If you are interested in being a captain of anything that isn't taken please contact me (comment here)
Also please sign up for all clubs you're interested here

Thank you,
Mr. Browning
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Hello Students [16 Sep 2004|05:02pm]

Hello Students,
I hope you're enjoying your summer vaction. Just a couple of announcements:

1. School starts one Monday the 20th of September
2. If you are interested in starting a club then please comment here
3. Also by popular request and quite a few phone calls we have decided to abandon the school uniform but please keep the clothes modest!
4. Seniors do get the chioce for signing up to any class they want so on the first day go straight to the front office and tell us what courses you would like to take.

Thank you,
Mr. Browning
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