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The Rules of the Westlake Communities

1. All phone calls and emails should be commented in the personal journal of the person you are emailing/calling.
2. Be nice to everyone in the OOC despite what your characters are doing in the other communities.
3. All parties and major plotlines must be OKed by the mods in the OOC journal. And if you're doing something that involves another character (hook ups, break ups, etc) then you must get the OK from that person.
4. In all other journals you must stay in character. If you have something to say not related to the conversation your having in one of the nonOOC communities use ((these)).
5. You must request to join all the communities and have your application accepted before you can post/comment.
6. You must update your characters personal journal at least once a week.
7. You must stay active in the communities this means you must make a post/comment in a post at least once a week also.
8. If you do not comply with rules 6 & 7 then you will be warned first and then kicked out of the community unless you have notified us before hand in the OOC journal.
9. You can have a maximum of 2 characters unless it's OKed by the mods and you have been in this RPG for a while and have been active. If you have two characters you can either have a girl and a boy or two boys due to the fact that most of you are probably girls.
10. Last HAVE FUN!!! And if you have any questions feel free to ask us in the OOC journal.

Click here for the application

All of the communities

the OOC journal where you talk about the RPG Out Of Character

the School where all threads that are in classrooms and the cafeteria and any sports games or practices.

the Dorms where all threads that are in the Westlake dorms happen. This includes on campus parties, stuff with your room mate, and any thing else in the dorm.

the Lounge is basically the hangout of Westlake. Any threads that happen in the Student Lounge go in this community.

the Blvd is the Hollywood Blvd. This is where all off campus stuff is. Mostly it's for nightlife but you can shop and eat out here too.